On Friday, July 29, the Director-General of the Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC) and his team paid a visit to the Civic Innovation Lab.

The NEPC is a government agency that has a mandate to promote non-oil exports as the key driver of the Nigerian economy, and position the export market as the growth opportunity of choice for private sector earnings and sustainable economic development.

Some of the Council’s functions include promotion of the development and diversification of Nigeria’s export trade, spearheading the creation of appropriate export incentives, coordinating and monitoring export promotion activities in Nigeria, and collection and dissemination information on products available for export.

At the visit, the CIL expounded on the values of civic tech, and the importance for partnership between government agencies and the tech community for the development of civic-based technology.

The NEPC commended the Civic Innovation Lab for providing a space where creative minds can gather and explore civic solutions. He also highlighted the value of such collaborations, as tech-based solutions can be outsourced to foreign markets for profit, thereby boosting our economy.

The NEPC team took a tour around the facility and the visit ended with short talks from both parties.

Here’s a pictorial story of their visit!

The agency also re-iterated its commitment to support technology’s growth in Nigeria through partnerships, collaborative events and training.

We’re looking forward to a long and fruitful partnership with the Nigerian Export Promotion Council(NEPC), that will yield widespread social impact in our community.