The grand finale of the Hack for Agric week/Hackathon. Coincidentally, Farmcrowdy, an agricultural innovation was also launching an office at the lab with and ‘Meet and Greet’. Excitement flew in the air right from the morning as the ten teams of three hackers each perfected their models and practiced their presentations. The general attendees and members of the civic community were all eager to see the bright products that the Hackathon will churn out and most importantly, the winning innovations.

The Hackathon finale kicked off at 4pm with all hackers already seated in the fully packed Civic hall. In no time, it was time for the teams to showcase the result of their four days labour.

Group one, Agro-Hub, proposed a complete e-system consisting of an app and online system that helps to streamline the way farmers get their products from the farm to the consumer.

Group Two, proposed a mobile app, in its first stage of production that helps to streamline the logistical aspect of farming and agriculture by getting the produce from the farm to the consumers seamlessly.

Team ‘Open Farm’ suggested a solution to the problem of lack of agricultural data in Nigeria; an online platform that makes it easier for investors to invest in agriculture in Nigeria.

Group four, Smart Farms presented a combination of an e-commerce system as well as an app that allows farmers to manage their farm; buy and sell and also measure and scale their produce.

The next group of hackers focused on connecting Nigerian farmers to the global marketplace, by introducing a ”universal warehouse” that acts as an interface to ensure food quality, security during food export.

Nigerians consume approximately 5.5 million tons of rice annually, therefore it was inevitable for one of the teams to work on improving rice production. Team Pacific had the pleasure of doing thisby designing an app that links rice farmers to useful information and stakeholders in their business chain.

Nonso, leading team launchpad, proffered a web app and IOT solution that allows farmers to implement improved farming practices that increase their yield and grow their profit in the marketplace.

Team Firebase offered an information platform that will helpSynergos gather centralized information about farmers and their products to improve the aid that they give to the farmers.

Team Alpha, our final team created and shared a system that maximizes agricultural farming efficiency by tracking farms in Nigeria, where they are located, and what they produce to provide the best transportation and logistics.

The audience aired their opinions and contributions to each of the products and without further ado,casted their votes. The best three teams received a cash price of $1000 each while the next four teams were awarded one hundred thousand naira each. The final 3 teams were not left empty handed as they were awarded fifty thousand naira each.

These best three teams are to use the initial $1000 prize to produce a functional prototype of their products which is to be submitted to Synergos in two weeks.

The participants expressed their appreciation for such a platform for them to use their tech knowledge to make positive impact on the Nigerian economy through the agricultural sector. All the hackers were grateful at least for the knowledge and experience they acquired during the 4-day hackathon.



The next steps include ensuring the top three winners develop a functional prototype of their solution and then the prototypes are submitted to Synergos for further use. These top three winners were awarded the sum of one thousand dollars each. And each team comprises of three members.  The hackers are given two weeks to develop and fine tune their solutions. The best solution is then awarded the final prize money. To ensure the highest form of integrity, the hackers on final submission will be made to sign a non-disclosure agreement where they promise to submit all codes and everything pertaining to the solution they have developed. Mr. Muyiwa, one of the Judges will ensure that all relevant and correct codes are submitted.

Furthermore, Synergos is saddled with the responsibility of seeing the final solution being implemented in these pilot states and ensuring the buy-in’s of other states of the federation. We have high hopes that this solution will usher in a new era of technologically driven solutions in the agribusiness industry.

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