In view of closing for the year, Civic X held its end of year christmas celebration for her students. Civic X is an inititiative of Civic Innovation Lab which aims at boosting literacy and digital revolution in rural communities targeting mostly those in the Internally Displaced Person (IDP) camp.

The children in these communities deserve no lesser than what other kids of highly opportuned areas do. They are also entitled to basic knowledge, education, technology, love and care this season, hence the objective for this initiative.

The party took place yesterday on the 17th of December within our premises at the Civic Backyard. It had all the fun in it, from food to music, gifts, dancing and other exciting stuff. The children also participated in games and different competitions where some emerged the winners.

In all, it was a fulfilling and estatic moment for the kids, facilitators and the staff of Civic. We look forward to bringing more joy and celebrating with these children in the future.