“The reality is that true success is line by line, precept by precept, building block upon building block, hard work, innovation, character; that is the measure of true success”- Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, SAN. Vice-President, Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The Civic Innovation Lab, Abuja a state-of-the-art technology hub focused on merging creative and innovative social solutions with technology to solve pressing societal problems on Friday, 27th of July 2018, launched another of its creative initiatives named Civic X- a mobile learning lab. The project is another driving catalyst of the organization’s mission to provide innovative solutions to resolve civic problems and make lasting social impact.

Educational development in rural areas in Nigeria has been being hindered by quite a number of factors which include inaccessibility to educational materials, lack of infrastructure and human resources. Other reasons include cultural and social factors, inadequate financial resources and proximity to educational centers. There is an urgent prerogative for innovative approaches to tackle these problems and to bridge the gap between rural areas and quality education in Nigeria. It is in the recognition of these challenges that Civic Foundation for Innovation has initiated the program ‘CIVIC X’.

Civic X is a mobile learning truck equipped to expose women and children in rural communities to innovation, technology, information and education. Civic X will be used to create community awareness, connect people globally, revitalizing adult and youth literacy and empowering women and children with information and skill acquisition on issues relating to healthcare, agriculture and social equality. This program is aimed at promoting innovation and education in rural communities in Northern Nigeria as key drivers of economic growth and productivity.

While the digital revolution is reaching rural areas in many developing countries, the rural digital divide continues to present considerable challenges, especially in a country like Nigeria. The problem is even more acute for women, who face a triple divide: digital, rural, and gender. Civic X seeks to reduce this divide by breaking stereotypes and taking technology to meet these women and young children aged 9-16 years in rural areas using mobile learning hubs that are efficiently equipped to take education and benefits of education to the rural areas. They would be taught on a wide array of topics which would range from basic coding and programming, personal hygiene, agriculture, communications alongside a mentorship series that would feature leading personas with motivational backgrounds in the society to speak to beneficiaries of this project.

A highlight of the launch on Friday came when the kids spoke to the Her Excellency, Wife of Nigeria’s Vice-President- Mrs. Dolapo Osinbajo via a video-conference call. She admonished them to take advantage of the opportunity they were given and to be good students and ambassadors at all times. She went on to encourage them to study and work hard as they had their own roles to play in the future of Nigeria as youngsters.