About Us

About Us

Innovation is the blood that drives our very existence as a community. We see possibilities in every impossibility, solution in every challenge and success in every failure. Civic Innovation Lab is a cluster of multi-talented and diversified personalities with the passion, skill and roadmap to solving most of the numerous social challenges plaguing our nation. In a community where every breathing being – even animals if I may exaggerate- is consumed with a passion for problem solving and the required level of creativity to do this, Civic Innovation Lab is proudly one of the solution centers to the challenges we face as a nation. Innovation is what we breathe, what we do and who we are.

With programs that actively engage over 1000 active developers, designers and tech enthusiasts in our community, Civic Innovation Lab is one of the most resourceful human capital banks for any tech-related solution.

Proactively unleash orthogonal niches rather than interoperable opportunities. Dynamically engage 24/365 materials after high-payoff web services. Authoritatively foster diverse potentialities vis-a-vis excellent niches.

Monotonectally enhance interoperable paradigms via team building channels. Phosfluorescently predominate robust services with vertical content. Globally network viral innovation without prospective resources. Quickly.

Competently innovate turnkey channels after proactive methods of empowerment. Continually enhance orthogonal experiences via bricks-and-clicks potentialities. Energistically evisculate enterprise human capital without backward-compatible.

Working with local and foreign development organizations, we create and sponsor innovative solutions that foster socioeconomic development and inclusion, especially for underserved communities.

Civic Pillars

Innovation For Government
Innovation For Development
Building Communities
Supporting Startups

We Empower Enterprenuers And Inspire Innovators

We empower entrepreneurs to do more good by creating successful enterprises. Our system puts in place a number of trainings and programs where innovators and entrepreneurs within/ outside of our community get access to our mentorship and engagements programs.

Our role as an impact driven hub is to act as an intermediary, initiating conversation between the government and the start-up/tech ecosystem. The aim of this interaction is to enable government crowd source indigenous solutions among Nigerian start-ups. There exists a huge gulf between the start-up space and the affairs of government in Nigeria. We know that government support for start-ups and tech innovations is the fastest, easiest and most economical route to solving the challenges peculiar to our nation.

Pitch Sessions

In our bid to create the perfect ambience of entrepreneurial support to our local community of social entrepreneurs, the creative in our space decided to design a bridge that connects investors to start-ups/p>

Government Support

One of our primar y roles is the establishment of a Government-start-up relationship. This relationship focuses on getting the Government to look at indigenous SMEs for execution of operations

Building Communities

Our foremost goal is community and this is what we have at Civic Innovation Lab. We have a rich tightlybonded community of diversifed personalities. All coming from different places, races and colors having different strengths and skills, in this diversity lies our strength.

Dev Talks

DevTalks is a that provides a platform to dialogue and engage civil society on issues that affect their wellbeing. The aim is to articulate social problems and spark innovative ideas to tackle them. The program brings all relevant stakeholders and industry influencers to the table to discuss topics that affects civil society.